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Summer Session Registration Deadline - Friday, June 16

Summer Session: The Old Testament Witness to Christ and His Kingdom

What: This eight-week course examines the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament through the idea of progressive revelation.

When: Saturday June 24 thru August 12 (9am - 11am)

Cost: $65 (includes student workbook and all required textbooks)


  • World Impact
  • 8344 East R.L. Thornton Freeway
  • Suite 208
  • Dallas, TX 75228

Overview: The Spirit-breathed Scriptures are anchored on the witness of Jesus of Nazareth. He and he alone provides unity, continuity, and coherence to both the Old and New Testaments, and no one can claim a holistic or accurate view of the Bible without him being central in all phases of exegesis. He is the Bible’s theme (John 5.39-40). In this module, we trace some of the significant markers of the OT’s witness to Messiah, and see how those markers provide us with a strong handle on the meaning of the entirety of Scripture. We will study the events, institutions, and persons of the OT which represent an analogy where we can understand the larger relationship of God with all the redeemed through Jesus Christ.

For more information contact Ted Smith or 214-426-0044.

To Apply

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) of Dallas

    TUMI Dallas is a satellite of The Urban Ministry Institute. We believe that God is moving in our city and preparing men and women to be powerful leaders in our urban churches. We desire to be used as an instrument for equipping and training urban leaders as they carry the mantle of leadership in shepherding God's flock and advancing God's kingdom in the city.


    The purpose of TUMI Dallas is to train and equip urban leaders, urban church planters, and World Impact missionaries with biblical, theological and ministerial education in order to advance the Kingdom of God by planting culturally conducive churches. Therefore, our primary calling is not to grow large churches, but to multiply dynamic churches!


    It is our vision to see an urban church planting movement begin in Dallas among the poor and oppressed. One of the ways we see this being accomplished is by offering excellent resources to you at an affordable price. As the urban population in America continues to grow, we believe that the urban church leader will be an essential part of advancing God's Kingdom in the city. Therefore, we will do all that we can to equip and empower these leaders.

What we Believe

    We adhere to the World Impact Statement of Faith. We also emphasize the Nicene Creed as a succinct statement of essential Christian doctrine. The Nicene Creed was originally drafted in A.D. 325 at the Council of Nicaea. It was then edited in A.D. 381 at the council at Constantinople.


  • Non-Denominational, Christ-centered Curriculum
  • Focus on urban mission and church planting
  • Accessible for students in their context
  • Sensitive to urban cultural factors
  • Committed to excellence in biblical, theological, and ministerial education

Who should attend?

  • Inner-city pastors and lay leaders seeking theological education
  • Established leaders, church planters, and urban ministry volunteers
  • Those who are called to serve God in the city context

What should I expect?

  • Our spring semester begins January 2014
  • Classes meet for 2 hours one day a week for 8 weeks
  • Class size is generally limited to 15 people
  • The curriculum is modular so there are no pre-requisites

Where are classes offered?

Cost Model - (16 modules x $100 = $1,600)

  • $100 per Course
  • The $100 fee covers, tuition, workbook and all textbooks
  • Complete your Theological training for $1,600
  • Some scholarships available

What do I apply?


How do I enroll?

Upon acceptence you will be able to enroll in courses. The curriculum is modular so there are no pre-requisites. You will be able to enter our next classes offered.

For more information contact us.